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Marble Arch Hotels London

Hotels in London Marble Arch are conveniently positioned for visits to London West End locations, the Oxford Street and several other location in the great city of London. The Oxford Street which is haven for shoppers is the longest and the busiest shopping street in Europe. It takes just between 7 and 9 minutes to drive from hotels in Marble Arch to the Oxford Street. The journey is just 1.4 miles. The West End is just 1.9 miles away from Marble Arch hotels close to the tube station. the journey can be done in just about 10 to 14 minutes . Staying at these hotels therefore puts guests very close to several shops, theatres, restaurants, bars and cafes within the Entertainment and London shopping district.

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Some of the Marble Arch London hotels include The Marble Arch hotel, a 4 star rated property, The Astor Court hotel which is 3 star rates and the Marble Arch Inn which is a 2 star hotel located on Upper Berkeley Street.

Hotel London Marble Arch

Hotels in Marble Arch  are very close to the Hyde Park which is the highly preferred Royal Park in central London. The Hyde Park is just 0.6 miles away from the Marble Arch. It is practically opposite to Marble Arch and therefore journeys from Marble Arch hotels and bed and breakfast takes from 3 to 5 minutes. The Kensington Gardens is 1.9 miles away from the London Marble Arch hotels and B&bs and it will take one 6 to 9 minutes to make the journey. London Trafalgar;gar Square is also a short distance away from Marble Arch accommodation properties. from Marble Arch hotels to the Trafalgar Square takes between 9 to 11 minutes and the journey is 1.7 miles.

The Marylebone and the Baker Street are locations which are also very close to hotels in Marble Arch. Guests staying at Marble Arch hotels are therefore very close to the Madam Tussauds and the Camden Street Market. It takes between 3 and 8 minutes to travel from hotels in Marble Arch to Madam Tussauds and the distance is just under a mile and to be more precise, it is 0.9 miles. The Camden Market journey by car from Marble March can take between 10 to 20 minutes and the distance between the two points is 2.7 miles.

London attractions and places of importance close to Marble Arch hotels

Charing Cross
Piccadilly Circus
Regent's Park
London Zoo
Hyde Park
Kensington Gardens
Oxford Street
West Ends