Cheap Bed and breakfast London Regent's Park NW1


London Regent's Park Bed and breakfast NW1

Bed and breakfast in Regents Park are located within central London location much loved by vacationers and also Londoners themselves. The Regent Park is one of the popular Central London six Royal Parks and located between Baker Street and the Oxford Circus. It is therefore reasonable to say that, bed and breakfast in Regents Park are also very close to the Oxford Street and as such the London shopping district. To be very precise, the distance between the Regent's Park bed and breakfast and Oxford Street is 1.5 miles and it is journey which can be covered in 8 minutes by car. Shoppers to London can therefore stay at Regents Park b&bs and easily access both the Oxford Street and the London Zoo because the London Zoo is itself within the Regent's Park.

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Bed and breakfast London Regents Park

Examples of bed and breakfast in Regents Park are Bed and Breakfast York & Albany, Tulip Apartments,Hotel Fitzroy, Studios 2 Let North Gower, Blandford Hotel, Regency hotel, Somerset hotel

One should therefore not be surprised why bed and breakfast in Regents Park as well as the cheap hotels in the area are always in demand. Apart from the Regent's Park bed and breakfast being close to the Oxford Street and the London Zoo, they also give special hotel deals and special hotel offers which again is one factor which attracts travellers to stay in the area. Again navigating your way around central London from bed and breakfast in Regent Street also look easy thanks to the tube station which gives guests another option aside the London buses to travel around the great city.

Travelling to the Airports from Bed and breakfasts in Regent Park London

The London Heathrow Airport is 16.5 miles away and on the average, travelling to Heathrow to the Regents Park b&b or hotel or the the other way round should take around 38 minutes by car. If you prefer to make the journey via the tube and trains, then the quickest route is by the Bakerloo line to the Paddington train station and then connecting to the Heathrow Express from Paddington to Heathrow. The journey from Paddington station to the terminals at Heathrow should take around 15 minutes. To travel to Gatwick Airport from bed and breakfast in Regents Park, the distance is 30.3 miles and by car, based on traffic condition, the journey can be done in in one and half hours on the average. For those who prefer to use the trains and the tube, they have to travel via the tube to go to Victoria station and at Victoria station, go to the Gatwick Express terminal to catch a Gatwick Express train to the Airport.

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The West End areas of Leicester Square, Piccadilly Circus, Covent Garden and the Soho can be accessed from bed and breakfast in Regents Park. It should take somewhere around 11 minutes to get to Leicester Square from several of the Regents Park bed and breakfast, a distance of 2.0 miles. To the Piccadilly Circus, it should take around 10 minutes to cover the journey of 1.7 miles by car. To the Covent Garden from Bed and breakfast in Regents Park, a distance of 2.1 miles, you are looking at a time of 10 minutes for the journey. It will take around 8 minutes to go to Soho Square, a distance of 1.4 miles from Regents Park London bed and breakfast and bed and hotels. Other central London locations like the Victoria station, Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace, Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens, Trafalgar Square, British Museum, Waterloo station, Euston station and the Charing Cross station are all within easy reach from Regents park bed and breakfast .